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3 years ago

Ciseco ARF/XRF Range Test

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Ever since I started using Ciseco XRF radio modules for wireless communication, I’ve been fascinated by the possibility to connect even remote corners of the house to the internet; areas where we hav…

3 years ago

On-the-fly GPS visualisation through Node-RED

tinkering   node-red  

After I’ve had @ceejay and @hardware_hacks send me code examples for putting geographical coordinates onto Open Street Maps or Google Maps, I feel I should at least publicly document how I’ve gone ab…

3 years ago

Turning a Nook Simple Touch into a wireless screen


At the recent Open IoT Hackathon my closest competitor Ajith Shadakshari presented a hardware hack that utilised a Nook Simple Touch e-reader device as a low-energy wireless screen to dynamically dis…

3 years ago

AirPi speaks NodeRED

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Introduction and general workflow described below. Fixing an issue about Xively flooding thereafter. One of the success stories for young enterpreneurial spirit sparked by the Raspberry Pi is the Air…

4 years ago

My first steps building something useful

tinkering   hardware  

So far in this not very frequently updated personal/technical – the “hobby” – section of my blog, I’ve shown some first steps with the Raspberry Pi and an example how we use cheap microelectronic devi…

4 years ago

RPi mentions

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I presented at two past Raspberry Jams in Cambridge. Blog posts mentioning my wireless sensors that I showed off at the Jam in July at Cambridge Consultants are here: from Railway Electronics from Rec…

4 years ago

DIY remote temperature sensor

iot   tinkering  

(If you’re not interested in the history and just want the technical bits, scroll down to Implementation.) Over the past few months I have been playing with a Raspberry Pi (RPi), an extremely cheap cr…

4 years ago

Raspberry Pi - do try this at home

tinkering   education  

My 7-year old son has recently started learning about electricity in primary school. As I’ve always tried to get him interested in computing and coding (he’s been using Scratch in a web browser for m…

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