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2 years ago

thingmonk 2015 - conclusions

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It's now four days since thingmonk and I'm still recovering. It's the developer event for IoT in Europe and it really brings together a lot of people from the community. For two days that means "work…

2 years ago

microCurrent: Don't guess, measure your consumption

hardware   tinkering  

Having gotten years worth of data from Wirelessthings XRF-based sensors from a single CR2032 coin cell, I was quite keen to get some of my own RFu328-based sensors ready for battery power. I've had pr…

2 years ago

Quality checks for small batch production

iot   hardware   thingslearn   tinkering  

Today I want to reflect a bit on quality checks (QC) in small batch production runs. That is, how do you check your electronics hardware when you're past the prototyping stage but you haven't quite ar…

2 years ago

Hacking dinosaurs at Blackgang Chine

tinkering   node-red   software   hardware  

Those of you who follow Twitter for hacking, making and crafting will know "celebrities" Dr Lucy Rogers and Andy Stanford-Clark. For the past year or so, both have been showing pictures and videos of…

2 years ago

Deploying Raspberry Pi images at scale

iot   software   tinkering   media  

This is really just a very quick note about what to do when you have a large number of Raspberry Pis and, when you make changes to your configuration, how you can avoid duplicating that SD card over a…

2 years ago

Making your own Printed Circuit Board

hardware   tinkering  

CamJam organiser Michael Horne is known for his Raspberry Pi-based tri-corder like PiPod. In the most simple terms, it is a collection of a few environmental sensors and a retro-looking LCD display in…

2 years ago

Health Apps, Wearables and IoT

iot   tinkering  

Ever since the arrival of my iPod Touch in 2008 I've occasionally tried apps and the built-in sensors to learn a little bit about myself. While I'm a data geek and keen to have accurate measurements,…

2 years ago

A bunch of Node-RED and other videos

thingslearn   tinkering   node-red   media  

I found myself searching for my Node-RED videos recently; those where I presented the framework but the recording wasn't associated with Boris Adryan. Just to help me out for later, here are the links…

2 years ago

How to make a battery last forever...

iot   tinkering   hardware  

Many devices in the IoT won’t be mains powered, but require some sort of supply with limited capacity: be it common batteries or rechargeable cells, energy management is a key challenge for the devel…

3 years ago

Adafruit PiTFT in headless mode

tinkering   software   node-red  

I recently purchased the Adafruit PiTFT screen to give one of my otherwise headless Raspberry Pis an onboard display. This 2.8″ touch screen is fairly low-spec with 320×240 pixels, but when you think…

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