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7 months ago

Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems

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A few months ago I submitted an abstract to a UX conference. I'm not sure if my proposal is going to be accepted, but I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts on the user experience of Machine…

9 months ago

thingslearn goes Zühlke

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A few people who come to this blog know that I've been commercially active with thingslearn Ltd. in the UK. The company served as a port-of-call for customers mostly in the IoT and M2M arena, who were…

a year ago

Four branches for an IoT ontology

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The Internet Architecture Board is holding a workshop on Semantic Interoperability for the Internet of Things. They are seeking position papers and participants for their workshop in March. Unfortunat…

2 years ago

Is it all machine learning?

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Recently I engaged with James Baker, another Software Sustainability Institute Fellow and historian, in some friendly Twitter banter over the use of the phrase 'machine learning'. As an individual wit…

2 years ago

Quality checks for small batch production

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Today I want to reflect a bit on quality checks (QC) in small batch production runs. That is, how do you check your electronics hardware when you're past the prototyping stage but you haven't quite ar…

2 years ago

IoT, M2M and the Need for Real-Time Analytics

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Suppose you've developed a connected hardware product and are now in the market for a suitable software solution. Congratulations! With what feels like a new IoT platform every week, the choice is you…

2 years ago

Less can be more in sensor deployment

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Despite the ever decreasing prices for Internet-connected devices, sensor deployment doesn't necessarily become cheaper. One can still find Arduino-compatible shields in the range of $30+, but in 2014…

2 years ago

A bunch of Node-RED and other videos

thingslearn   tinkering   node-red   media  

I found myself searching for my Node-RED videos recently; those where I presented the framework but the recording wasn't associated with Boris Adryan. Just to help me out for later, here are the links…

3 years ago

Deploying a website on IBM Bluemix

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As I shared a few weeks ago, I’ve started a small company around my Internet-of-Things activities. This is entirely based on my personal skills and interests, and therefore it felt inappropriate to h…

3 years ago

Node-RED Interoperability Test

thingslearn   iot   node-red  

After a few months of working with Node-RED, I thought it was about time to give something back to a great community. I decided to document my search for a good Internet-of-things platform on the web…

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