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2 years ago

IoT, M2M and the Need for Real-Time Analytics

thingslearn   iot   software  

Suppose you've developed a connected hardware product and are now in the market for a suitable software solution. Congratulations! With what feels like a new IoT platform every week, the choice is you…

2 years ago

Deploying Raspberry Pi images at scale

iot   software   tinkering   media  

This is really just a very quick note about what to do when you have a large number of Raspberry Pis and, when you make changes to your configuration, how you can avoid duplicating that SD card over a…

2 years ago

Computational Biology (tools) meet Open Data

software   education  

One of the many hats I'm wearing is that of a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute. It's a group of people who care deeply about good quality research software, best practices in coding an…

3 years ago

Using SunSprite like an IoT device

iot   software   node-red  

The SunSprite is a small wearable device that monitors light exposure over the day. Why would you want to do that? Light is generally healthy, but many people with office jobs see most of it in the f…

3 years ago

Deploying a website on IBM Bluemix

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As I shared a few weeks ago, I’ve started a small company around my Internet-of-Things activities. This is entirely based on my personal skills and interests, and therefore it felt inappropriate to h…

3 years ago

Adafruit PiTFT in headless mode

tinkering   software   node-red  

I recently purchased the Adafruit PiTFT screen to give one of my otherwise headless Raspberry Pis an onboard display. This 2.8″ touch screen is fairly low-spec with 320×240 pixels, but when you think…

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