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7 months ago

Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems

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A few months ago I submitted an abstract to a UX conference. I'm not sure if my proposal is going to be accepted, but I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts on the user experience of Machine…

9 months ago

thingslearn goes Zühlke

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A few people who come to this blog know that I've been commercially active with thingslearn Ltd. in the UK. The company served as a port-of-call for customers mostly in the IoT and M2M arena, who were…

a year ago

A user perspective on Eclipse IoT

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A few weeks ago I spoke at the Eclipse User Group in London about the offerings the Eclipse Foundation has around open source IoT software. It was an interesting event with a very diverse set of speak…

a year ago

Hands-on with Vorto IoT information models

iot   software   node-red  

Last week I attended the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) 2016, an event co-organised by the lovely Alex Deschamps-Sonsino and Peter Bihr for IoT practitioners during the otherwise suit-heavy Bosch Co…

a year ago

Node-RED + Minecraft articles in the MagPi

education   media   software   node-red  

How can we get young people interested in computational thinking? One of my passions is the provision of tutorials that hopefully make them a little bit exited about technology. Computational thinking…

2 years ago

thingmonk 2015 - conclusions

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It's now four days since thingmonk and I'm still recovering. It's the developer event for IoT in Europe and it really brings together a lot of people from the community. For two days that means "work…

2 years ago

Expectation management: The Internet of Little Things

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Only two weeks ago I've expressed my frustration over the apparent lack of innovation in the consumer IoT space. At the same time, I emphasised that simply 'putting a chip in it' doesn't make traditio…

2 years ago

Where are the consumer IoT products?

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Last Tuesday saw another special event as part of the IoT London Meetup series, when our host and organiser Alex Deschamps-Sonsino invited us to the City Hall. Our poshest host yet! #iotlondon…

2 years ago

Is it all machine learning?

thingslearn   iot   software  

Recently I engaged with James Baker, another Software Sustainability Institute Fellow and historian, in some friendly Twitter banter over the use of the phrase 'machine learning'. As an individual wit…

2 years ago

Hacking dinosaurs at Blackgang Chine

tinkering   node-red   software   hardware  

Those of you who follow Twitter for hacking, making and crafting will know "celebrities" Dr Lucy Rogers and Andy Stanford-Clark. For the past year or so, both have been showing pictures and videos of…

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