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a year ago

Node-RED + Minecraft articles in the MagPi

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How can we get young people interested in computational thinking? One of my passions is the provision of tutorials that hopefully make them a little bit exited about technology. Computational thinking…

2 years ago

Deploying Raspberry Pi images at scale

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This is really just a very quick note about what to do when you have a large number of Raspberry Pis and, when you make changes to your configuration, how you can avoid duplicating that SD card over a…

2 years ago

A bunch of Node-RED and other videos

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I found myself searching for my Node-RED videos recently; those where I presented the framework but the recording wasn't associated with Boris Adryan. Just to help me out for later, here are the links…

4 years ago

RPi mentions

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I presented at two past Raspberry Jams in Cambridge. Blog posts mentioning my wireless sensors that I showed off at the Jam in July at Cambridge Consultants are here: from Railway Electronics from Rec…

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