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3 years ago

Ciseco ARF/XRF Range Test

iot   tinkering   hardware  

Ever since I started using Ciseco XRF radio modules for wireless communication, I’ve been fascinated by the possibility to connect even remote corners of the house to the internet; areas where we hav…

4 years ago

My first steps building something useful

tinkering   hardware  

So far in this not very frequently updated personal/technical – the “hobby” – section of my blog, I’ve shown some first steps with the Raspberry Pi and an example how we use cheap microelectronic devi…

4 years ago

Donation from ARM

hardware   education  

Being a geek but also a teacher, a few months ago I attended a Train-the-trainer workshop in mbed programming at the ARM headquarters here in Cambridge. I learned about the mbed platform, which, in l…

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