2 years ago

IoT, M2M and the Need for Real-Time Analytics

thingslearn   iot   software  

Suppose you've developed a connected hardware product and are now in the market for a suitable software solution. Congratulations! With what feels like a new IoT platform every week, the choice is you…

2 years ago

Deploying Raspberry Pi images at scale

iot   software   tinkering   media  

This is really just a very quick note about what to do when you have a large number of Raspberry Pis and, when you make changes to your configuration, how you can avoid duplicating that SD card over a…

2 years ago

Computational Biology (tools) meet Open Data

software   education  

One of the many hats I'm wearing is that of a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute. It's a group of people who care deeply about good quality research software, best practices in coding an…

2 years ago

Making your own Printed Circuit Board

hardware   tinkering  

CamJam organiser Michael Horne is known for his Raspberry Pi-based tri-corder like PiPod. In the most simple terms, it is a collection of a few environmental sensors and a retro-looking LCD display in…

2 years ago

Less can be more in sensor deployment

thingslearn   iot  

Despite the ever decreasing prices for Internet-connected devices, sensor deployment doesn't necessarily become cheaper. One can still find Arduino-compatible shields in the range of $30+, but in 2014…

2 years ago

Health Apps, Wearables and IoT

iot   tinkering  

Ever since the arrival of my iPod Touch in 2008 I've occasionally tried apps and the built-in sensors to learn a little bit about myself. While I'm a data geek and keen to have accurate measurements,…

2 years ago

Node-RED and Minecraft

node-red   education  

My work with Node-RED exposed me to plenty of concepts like RESTful APIs, various communication layers and protocols such as IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP and MQTT, as well as the general notion that today's sof…

2 years ago

A bunch of Node-RED and other videos

thingslearn   tinkering   node-red   media  

I found myself searching for my Node-RED videos recently; those where I presented the framework but the recording wasn't associated with Boris Adryan. Just to help me out for later, here are the links…

2 years ago

Hosted Node-RED without budget


People who are following me on Twitter will have noticed my fanatic love to a tool called Node-RED. There are even videos of me singing praise, more praise, or a collection of how-to documents on Sli…

2 years ago

How to make a battery last forever...

iot   tinkering   hardware  

Many devices in the IoT won’t be mains powered, but require some sort of supply with limited capacity: be it common batteries or rechargeable cells, energy management is a key challenge for the devel…

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