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6 months ago

Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems

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A few months ago I submitted an abstract to a UX conference. I'm not sure if my proposal is going to be accepted, but I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts on the user experience of Machine…

8 months ago

thingslearn goes Zühlke

iot   software   hardware   thingslearn  

A few people who come to this blog know that I've been commercially active with thingslearn Ltd. in the UK. The company served as a port-of-call for customers mostly in the IoT and M2M arena, who were…

10 months ago

Business focus of IoT companies


Over the past year I have worked extensively with a range of "IoT companies" (and I explain those quotes later) that required my knowledge about the Internet of Things including hard- and software dev…

a year ago

IoT book review

iot   education  

In a field like IoT the most relevant news are delivered online. But books aren't dead. Currently authoring an IoT textbook myself, I'm occasionally buying the odd IoT book to see if my own writing is…

a year ago

Update: Higher education in the time of IoT (June '16)

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I'm sorry. It's become quiet on my blog. The reason is that book writing has become my full-time occupation and is going to be all along until I'm joining Zühlke Engineering for all things IoT and dat…

a year ago

A user perspective on Eclipse IoT

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A few weeks ago I spoke at the Eclipse User Group in London about the offerings the Eclipse Foundation has around open source IoT software. It was an interesting event with a very diverse set of speak…

a year ago

Hands-on with Vorto IoT information models

iot   software   node-red  

Last week I attended the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) 2016, an event co-organised by the lovely Alex Deschamps-Sonsino and Peter Bihr for IoT practitioners during the otherwise suit-heavy Bosch Co…

a year ago

Update: Higher education in the time of IoT

iot   education  

In November I've started thinking about teaching resources for IoT. My motivation is that IoT is a vast area covering hardware, software, security, data analytics, product design, and many more specia…

a year ago

Four branches for an IoT ontology

iot   thingslearn  

The Internet Architecture Board is holding a workshop on Semantic Interoperability for the Internet of Things. They are seeking position papers and participants for their workshop in March. Unfortunat…

a year ago

Musings about wearable technology


If there’s one application that’s nearly always mentioned along with the consumer Internet of Things, it’s wearables. Now what makes a wearable a wearable, in contrast to other technology that you can…

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